Our story

Established in 1949, Diffney is one of Ireland’s largest
family-run menswear fashion stores.

Patrick Diffney

"While a guy can look very well dressed in any casual clothes,he never looks as good as when he’s wearing his suit."

our beginnings

How it all started

Diffney, an Irish menswear legacy, was born in 1949 when Patrick Diffney Sr. set forth to offer quality merchandise and unmatched service.

With five Dublin stores, we're a cornerstone in retail, and now, we're thrilled to bring that ethos to our online store.

Join us in the world of Diffney!

Our mission

Fashion with Purpose

At Diffney, we help you express your true self through style. Guided by authenticity, confidence, and self-expression, we empower your unique identity.

Beyond clothing, we boost self-assurance and give you the means to convey your essence through any outfit, whether formal or casual.

Your outfit is your narrative, and we're here to make it shine.